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Moulinette makes your assets more visible and more attractive

About us

Moulinette provides tools to bring together creators and dungeon masters

Moulinette is developed by role-playing passionnates to offer tools and assets for dungeon masters (DMs).

Bring your assets online

Moulinette Cloud is a Hosted Content Delivery Service for Foundry VTT

Tiles & Images

Venatus Maps

Animated Maps and Tokens

RPG Scenery & The Gorgon

Maps and Sceneries

Beneos Battlemaps

Advanced Maps (walls, lights, sounds)


Music and ambient Sounds

Michaël Ghelfi

Tomcartos chair assets

Furniture (Tiles)

Tom Cartos

Phased Battlemaps

Domille’s Wondrous Works

Campaign Maps and Tiles

PogS Props

Tokens and Creatures

Online Tabletop

No Technical Skills Required

Don’t waste your time developing modules for Foundry VTT or optimizing your assets for virtual tabletop! Upload your assets as ZIP file and let Moulinette Cloud prepare them for you (image conversion, thumbnails, hosting, etc.). Check which tiers should have access to your creations and your assets will immediately show up to your subscribers.

Enhanced User Experience

Stand out by facilitating access to your content. Users won’t have to download, manage and import your “packs” into their games any more. Moulinette let them browse, search and preview individual assets. They will be able to drag & drop an image (tile) or a sound (ambient) directly on a map. Moulinette automatically downloads assets and their dependencies as users need them.
(left: default interface, right: Moulinette)

Contributes to your Success

Moulinette Cloud brings more visibility to your creations which will eventually increase the number of subscribers and your income. Users tend to favor creators who offer and distribute assets through Moulinette Cloud. They can also search and find which creators have assets matching their needs (coming soon). You’ll also save time by not needing to manage hosting, packaging, distribution and Foundry VTT technical specificities.

More screenshots

Discover how your assets would easily integrate with Foundry VTT and provide a user-friendly experience for your supporters. Take advantage of this visibility to increase the number of subscribers and strengthen your relationship with the community!

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