Moulinette and Moulinette Cloud

What is Moulinette ?

Moulinette consists of several modules developed for Foundry Virtual Tabletop (FVTT) which facilitate assets management and help GMs create their scenes and campaigns. 

What is Moulinette Cloud ?

Moulinette Cloud extends the modules by connecting them to a cloud-based delivery service. Creators can easily publish their assets and configure the permissions (based on their Patreon’s tiers). Users immediately and automatically get access to these assets depending on their pledges

What can I use Moulinette (as creator) for ?

Host your packs and modules

Moulinette Cloud lets you upload packs (ZIP). You can then share the download link to anyone (even publicly). Moulinette will authenticate the user (with Patreon) and check that he’s supporting you with the matching tier before letting him download the pack.

If you host FVTT modules, users also get presigned URLs that they can use directly in Foundry for installing or updating them. These URL are only valid for 15 minutes and for 1 single installation, protecting you against piracy.

Moulinette Cloud user interface (secure downloads)

Moulinette Cloud user interface (assets management)

Make your assets available to your patrons

Moulinette Cloud can host assets of various types (tiles, maps, sounds), secure them based on your Patreon tiers, and make them instantly available to your subscribers using Foundry VTTT. This is far more convenient as any other distribution model (Patreon, Google Drive, MyAirBridge, …) as users won’t have to manage nor host assets any more and can benefit from Moulinette capabilities (eg. search, drag & drop). See below to learn more about Moulinette Cloud.

A few things Moulinette Cloud is great at

Post-processing (assets optimization)

Moulinette Cloud processes your assets depending of their type in order to optimize them for virtual tabletop (Foundry VTT)

Image Conversion

All images are converted into WEBP format reducing their size up to 95%, resulting in much smoother games for users.

Scenes are also faster to load for users, specially for those with a slower internet connection

GMs also appreciate that downloaded assets won’t require too much storage on their FVTT server.

Thumbnails Generation

In order to improve the user experience while searching, browsing and previewing creators’ assets, thumbnails are generated for each asset, including animated images for which a single frame is extracted from the video file (webm, mp4)

Metadata Extraction

Moulinette extracts some metadata from assets to make browsing experience event better for the maps and sceneries : sizes, resolution (HD/4K), folder structure, the existance of scene data like walls, lights or sounds, etc.


Because each creator has his history and his particularities, moulinette supports multiple use cases.


Moulinette lets you upload packs in different format. Most creators on Patreon distribute assets in ZIP files. If you already have Dungeondraft packs or Foundry VTT modules, you can also upload them “as is”. Moulinette will be able to process them. 

  • ZIP file
  • Dungeondraft pack
  • Foundry VTT module
  • Foundry VTT world
  • Tiles
  • Maps
  • Animated Tiles
  • Animated Maps
  • Sounds & Music
  • Advanced Scenes

Multiple asset types supported

Moulinette supports different types of assets which should suit most of the TTRPG creators. 

Ease to use

Moulinette Cloud focuses on reducing the complexity for creators to share their assets with their supporters.

Typical default workflow

As creator :

  • !! Create VTT-optimized assets
  • Create a VTT-optimized pack
  • Upload on Patreon/Drive
  • Share link with supporters

Typical Moulinette Cloud workflow

As creator :

  • Upload on Moulinette Cloud

As user :

  • Download pack
  • Unzip pack
  • Manage assets locally
  • Upload assets to Foundry VTT
  • Browse to find desired asset
  • Use it on the scene

As user :

  • Search for desired asset
  • Drag & drop on the scene

(Moulinette Cloud interface : upload and publish your assets within a few minutes)


All creators want to protect their assets against piracy. Moulinette Cloud can help secure your creations. 

  • You can choose which tier can access your assets. Users will have to authenticate with Patreon and will then receive a “token” that will let them browse and download assets according to their pledges. The token expires after 24 hours.
  • Users cannot easily batch download all your assets. Moulinette favors a “download as you need” approach which tends to keep users subscribed longer.
  • Moulinette provides you a link to let users download an entire pack. This link can be shared publicly. Only your subscribers will be able to access it.

Ready to join ?