This is a walkthrough showing the typical steps to publish a pack of assets and to make them available to your Foundry VTT supporters.


Moulinette cloud requires you to :

Enable your moulinette cloud

Contact me on Patreon, Discord or directly
Send me a quick description with a link to your patreon or website page. This will let me check that Moulinette can support that kind of assets. I’ll then enable your cloud account.

Prepare a pack of assets

For this walkthrough, you can simply take a few images or sounds and zip them.

More details :

Log into Moulinette Cloud using Patreon

  • Visit Moulinette Cloud website
  • You’ll be redirected to Patreon for the authentication and prompted to allow moulinette to access some of your information
    • View your public profile : required to identify you
    • View public information about your page : required to identify your Patreon identity
    • View pledge information about your patrons : required to get the list of tiers you offer to your supporters
  • After allowing Moulinette, you’ll reach the page for managing your assets

Managing your assets

The webpage itself contains all the instructions on how to manager your assets. This page will briefly describe each step of the process.

(Screenshot of the assets management interface)

1 – Upload your pack

  • You can upload multiple packs at the same time by drag-and-droping them in the target zone.
  • When all uploads are completed, refresh the page (don’t refresh while uploading!)

2 – Post-process your pack

  • Click on the post-process icon and notice a new “cogs” icon appear next to the pack name
  • Wait a few minutes and refresh the page. The post-process is complete when the icon is gone

3 – Prepare and publish your pack

  • Click on the “publish” icon
  • Fill the form (publisher name, pack name, copyrights, etc.)
  • Click on publish
  • Wait until the page gets reloaded. It could take a few minutes
  • The pack is now ready for Moulinette and as content creator, you’ll be able to see it in FoundryVTT. It’s not visible to anyone else yet.

4 – Make it visible for your patrons

  • Click on the lock icon
  • Check the tiers you’d like to give access to your pack
  • Click “Apply” button

Your pack is now visible to all patrons of the checked tiers.