This page provides information about how to prepare a pack of maps for Moulinette Cloud

Quick overview

To bring maps (or animated maps) on Moulinette Cloud:

  • Put all your assets into a folder (and subfolders)
  • (optional) put all your scenes as JSON into a folder
  • Zip the folder

Supported media types

Moulinette supports the following media types

  • Basic maps : JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP
  • Animated maps : WEBM, MP4

Folder structure

Folder structure for maps is not as important as for assets because users generally browse by looking at previews and the number of maps is generally much lower. But the same principles as for images apply.

Option 1 : background only

If your maps only consist of images (or videos), you need to provide a configuration file to let Moulinette know that they are to be used as scenes and not regular assets. Add a file named config.json inside your folder with the following content:

  "maps": "<path>"

Replace <path> by the relative path to the folder containing the images/videos. Use “.” (dot) for all folders.

Option 2 : you already have a FVTT module

If you already have a module, you can simply upload it “as” is on Moulinette Cloud. Moulinette will detect that format, ready the module.json file, extract scenes from packs and identify dependencies.

Option 3 : background with scene details (walls, lights, paintings but no audio/tiles)

If you have scene details (exported from FoundryVTT), you can include them in any folder but the background image must match its filename OR dependencies must be properly handled in your JSON (see option 3). Here is an example of folder structure for 2 scenes (barracks and inn).


Option 4 : background with advanced scenes (audio, tiles)

If your scenes depend on other assets, the preparation of the pack requires additional setup. Moulinette will replace all paths in the JSON file with a marker and list them as dependencies, such these assets will automatically be downloaded when a user imports the scene.

Assuming that your scene as been built in FoundryVTT and that all related assets were picked from a specific folder from the User Data space (let’s say myassets), you much add a file named config.json inside your folder with the following content.

  "depPath": "myassets"

The above configuration informs moulinette that all paths starting with myassets are relative to the current pack (zip).

Not supported : scenes with tokens & notes

Moulinette doesn’t handle tokens and notes on maps yet. You can still upload your maps but these components won’t work.

Moulinette post-processing

Here are the optimization that Moulinette automatically provides for you :

  • Post-processing for images
  • Scene JSON generated for maps consisting of only a background (see above option 1)
  • Dependency management for advanced scenes (see above option 3)