Moulinette Cloud lets you delegate the asset management to someone else (ex : content manager) without having to authenticate on using your account.

Quick overview

  • Delegates can manage your assets as if they were you (including deleting packs and changing their visibility)
  • Delegates can manage gifts, giving free access to your assets to other people
  • Delegates cannot delegate assets management to other people


  1. Go on Moulinette Cloud
  2. Click on button “Manage delegates”
  1. Add a new delegate by clicking on the corresponding button at the bottom
  2. Notice that a new row has been added for which “Given to” is not specified
  3. Click on the icon “Give delegation”
  1. Carefully read the information on the page
  2. Copy the GUID
  3. Send the GUID to the desired user

This person can now claim this GUID on Moulinette Cloud to become your delegate.

You can always see who is your delegate and remove a delegate. Permissions will immediately be revoked.