Moulinette Cloud lets you share your assets to people you know (ex : friends or family) without having them to subscribe to your Patreon.

Quick overview

  • Rewarded people can browse and download your assets as if they were supporting you (Patreon)
  • Rewarded people still have to support Moulinette
  • Gifts can be given to someone supporting you. In that case, the user gets access according to the highest tier.


  1. Go on Moulinette Cloud
  2. Click on button “Manage gifts”
  1. As action, add a new gift by specifying the tier that the user will be rewarded
  2. Notice that a new row has been added to the table for which “Given to” is not specified
  3. Click on the icon “Give gift”
  1. Carefully read the information on the page
  2. Copy the GUID
  3. Send the GUID to the desired user

This person can now claim your gift in Foundry VTT (moulinette module) to get access to your assets.

You can always see who claimed the gifts and revoke them.