This page describes the steps to configure Foundry VTT and get access to the assets of the creators you’re supporting (and who use moulinette cloud, of course)


You must have access to Foundry VTT as “Game master”. See Installation Instructions if you don’t have installed it yet.
You must also have a world and a scene.
You must support one of the content creators available on Moulinette Cloud (see below) AND support moulinette (unless you support a platinum creator ★).
See the list of available creators on Moulinette Cloud.

Watch tutorials

Moulinette First Steps
Moulinette Tiles Basics
Cze and Peku tutorial on how to access assets from Moulinette Cloud in Foundry VTT

Install moulinette modules

Install the moulinette modules you want. You need at least moulinette-core and another module (moulinette-tiles for instance). See moulinette-core documentation to have an overview of all modules.

Linking Moulinette with your identity on Patreon

In order to have access to assets from the content creators you’re supporting, moulinette needs to know who you are (on in order to check your pledges.

(workflow for linking your patreon account with moulinette)
  • Click on the “hammer” icon (controls)
  • Click on the “patreon” action (moulinette toolbar). If you don’t see it, make sure that you enabled Patreon integration (see previous step)
  • Click on the Patreon logo
  • Authenticate with your patreon account and authorize Moulinette to have access to your identity and pledges
  • You will then be redirected to a page confirming that you’ve been successfully logged in
  • You can then go back to Foundry and wait until Moulinette shows that your account is linked
  • Moulinette will then show information about your identity and if you are supporting it
(patreon integration in Foundry)

This step is required everytime you reload the page.

Access assets from your creators

You now have access to all assets from creators you are supporting according to the rules below. You can simply navigate to the different tabs and see more packs being available.

(free sample from Baileywiki)

What content do I have access to?

Legend :

  • Local : Bring your own assets and host them locally. Moulinette can scan an entire folder structure and lets you search and manage them easily. See documentation for more details.
  • Showcase : Moulinette provides a few show case packs from content creators. You can disable them in the modules’ configuration
  • Free : Packs that have been made available for free by the content creator
  • Pledge : Packs that require supporting the content creator (assets have been assigned to a tier)


  • If you don’t have a patreon account, you get show case content by default to play with.
  • You can bring your own assets (eg. downloaded from content creators’ website) and make Moulinette index them. You’ll then benefit from moulinette search and asset management capabilities
  • Now, assuming that you support a few content creators on Patreon who are using Moulinette Cloud for hosting their assets, by supporting Moulinette (any tier), you automatically get access to all published assets. You won’t have to bother hosting them nor indexing them. They will show up and be ready to use.
  • If you support moulinette but no content creator, you still get access to all “free” assets from any content creator.


I cannot see any asset from the above content creators

  1. Make sure that Moulinette is linked to your Patreon account. Follow the above step “Linking Moulinette with your identity on Patreon
  2. Make sure that you support Moulinette (any tier).

I can only see free assets from the content creators

Make sure that you support the content creator with one of the required tier. If you support the creator with a lower tier than required, Moulinette won’t let you see the assets.