This page provides an overview of categorization in Moulinette Cloud


Assets in Moulinette Cloud can be categorized. A new user interface for searching tiles and tokens has been developed. It provides a global search with facets filtering. Discover it in the video below :

How to categorize assets ?

You can set/modify categories of an asset on its detail page. You must be linked to Patreon and supporting Moulinette.

Categories can be set on the page detail (requires supporting Moulinette)

Is it possible to batch categorize assets ?

Yes. If you want to apply the same categories on multiple assets, you can leverage Moulinette Favorites.

  • Put all the targetted assets into your favorites
  • Click on the “categories” action (bottom right)
  • Choose the categories to apply
  • Wait until the progressbar finished

BE CAREFULL ! This will overwrite any previous categorization. Make sure that your favorite group doesn’t contain assets which don’t belong to that categorization.

Workflow on how to batch apply categories on a set of assets

How to determine which categories to apply ?

Categories have been created based on the Live Gallery of the Forgotten Adventures‘ collection. If you’re not sure which categories to apply, use the live gallery to search a similar asset and see in which albums FA team organized it.

Example from the Live Gallery

How to add new categories or values ?

If you want to add new categories, you can join our Discord (channel #suggestions-search-v2) and propose it. Or you can also open an issue on GitHub.