This page provides an overview of favorites in Moulinette

Note : the map used as background in this video is from Tom Cartos and the assets from Forgotten Adventures.

Open Favorites panel

In order to open the Moulinette Favorites panel, you can use the default hotkey (CTRL + F) if you have “Keybind Lib” module installed and enabled. Or you can execute the “Moulinette Favorites” macro from Moulinette’s provided compendium.

(learn how to open Moulinette Favorites panel)

History (recently used tiles)

As you drop tiles on a scene, Moulinette adds a reference to them into the “history”. When you open the Favorites panel, they will be listed in reverse chronological order. This helps you reuse recently added tiles without having the search them again.

(learn how Moulinette adds frequently used assets into the history)

Add tiles into favorite groups

When you browse your collection, you can right click on a tile to add it to the currently selected Favorite group. Tiles in groups can be found much more easily from the panel. A tile can be added to multiple groups. Right click on a favorite to remove it from the group.

(learn how to add/remove tiles in a group of favorites)

Manage your groups

By default, Moulinette provides 2 groups (history and default). You can add and manage your own groups.

(learn how to manage your groups of favorites)

Advanced options (tile size & macros)

Tile size

You can set a specific tile size that will be applied automatically (overwrites the default) on any asset of the group.

(learn how to apply a specific tile size (DPI) to a group of favorites)


You can specify a list of macros which will be executed when you drop assets from the group.
Note : These macros will be executed in ADDITION to any macro that is specified in the Moulinette Tiles window.

(learn how to execute macros when dropping a tile on a scene from a specific group)