Moulinette is finally available through an extension for your browser (supports Google Chrome, Chromium and Firefox).

Overview of the module (panel on the right) in action on the Moulinette Demo page

Do I need it?

  • If you use virtual tabletop (VTT) software but not FoundryVTT, MBE might be your best solution for browsing, searching and using images from your favorite creators. MBE lets you drag and drop images directly on the website of your VTT or lets you download it to import it into your application.
  • If you don’t use virtual tabletop (VTT) software but you support creators on Patreon, MBE makes it easier for you to browse, search and download the images you’re looking for. Make sure that the creators you support are available on Moulinette Cloud.
  • If you are a creator, MBE lets you browse your collection available on Moulinette Cloud. It is certainly much faster than starting the FoundryVTT application.

How does it work?

The principle is the same as for Moulinette’s FoundryVTT modules.

  • Install and configure the module (see How to install section)
  • Configure the extension to link your Patreon account with Moulinette Cloud
  • Open Moulinette Panel on the website by clicking on the Moulinette icon in the toolbar OR using the ALT+SHIFT+M default shortcut.
  • You can then search or browse the images from the creators you support (and who are offering assets on Moulinette Cloud)
  • By clicking on an image, you can get more details
  • Finally, drag and drop an image :
    • On the webpage itself to trigger a “drop” event
    • On the upper right icon to download the image on your computer
Configuration of the Moulinette Browser Extension
After authentication (Patreon account linked)
Searching images which match “dragon” and “red” terms
Browsing images by creator and packs

How to install it?

The extension is available on Chrome and Firefox.

How to configure it

  • Firefox users :
    • Add-ons and themes
    • Click on Moulinette
    • Click on “Preferences” tab
  • Chrome users :
    • Visit chrome://extensions
    • Click on “Details” button for Moulinette extension
    • Click on “Extension options”

Then link your Patreon account by clicking on the link and authenticating on Patreon.

Why does the app require access to my sites?

The extension injects a panel on the currently viewed webpage, such you can then drag & drop an image on it. Moulinette doesn’t track you and doesn’t read any information from the web pages you visit. See Privacy Policy for more details. If you don’t trust Moulinette, you can disable the extension and only enable it when you need it on a page.

Does it support (name your application) ?

Foundry VTT

Yes, it supports FoundryVTT but you need Drag Upload module installed and enabled.
However, if you’re using Foundry VTT, you should rather consider installing Moulinette specific modules which provide a lot more features.


Yes, it supports Roll20. You can drag & drop images directly on the canvas (see video below). You can also drag & drop images in character sheets and other places which support it. In case of incompatibility, you can always right click to download and then drag the downloaded file.


More or less. DungeonDraft is not web-based and drag & drop support is limited. You can use MBE to download a file and then drag it on the DD canvas. It will automatically create a new object. However, I found some limitations :

  • DungeonDraft stores the image in the save (.dungeondraft_map). It works but your file will end up being quite large
  • For some reasons, the image is not rendered at the position where the asset is dropped. You might have to zoom out and find it (generally on the right of the canvas).


No. Inkarnate is web-based but doesn’t support drag & drop actions. You can import your own image but it has to be in PNG or JPG format. Moulinette uses WebP format only.

Gimp / Photoshop

These desktop applications support drag & drop operations on images. You can use the same approach as for DungeonDraft (see above), downloading an image then dragging & dropping the file on the canvas.


If you preferred application doesn’t seem to work with Moulinette Browser Extension, feel free to contact us on Discord and share your experience! Our goal is to make it compatible with as many useful and commonly used applications as possible.