This page provides information about how to prepare a pack of images for Moulinette Cloud

Quick overview

To bring images (or animated assets) on Moulinette Cloud:

  • Put all your assets into a folder (and subfolders)
  • Zip the folder

Supported media types

Moulinette supports the following media types

  • Basic images : JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP
  • Animated assets : WEBM

Folder structure

Moulinette recommends using a folder structure with identifiable names that users can easily browse. You might want to ask your patrons. Moulinette offers several ways to browse assets

  • By pack (all assets mixed together)
  • By folder structure (see screenshot below)
  • By search (folder names in path are searchable too)
(Example of structure from Tom Cartos)


  • Don’t use too deep folder structures or the displayed path would wrap on more than 1 line
  • Have at least 8 assets per folder or users will have a lot of empty space while browsing
  • Avoid special characters like quotes in folder and asset names. Spaces can be used but could cause issues for people using S3 integration in FoundryVTT. Rather use dashes (-) to separate words

Moulinette post-processing

Here are the optimization that Moulinette automatically provides for you :

  • Images are automatically converted to webp format using 60% quality compression
  • A frame in the middle of an animated asset is extracted and will be used as preview
  • A thumbnails (100×100) is created for each image to speed up the browsing experience

Good to know

  • If your images are already in webp format, Moulinette will keep them “as is”
  • If you provide a matching image (same name) in webp format for your animated assets, Moulinette will take it for as preview
  • If a filename contains “_thumb“, it will be ignored by Moulinette and kept “as is”