This page provides an overview of the integration with The Token Vault and how to configure it.

Quick overview

Through a partnership with The Token Vault‘s team, tokens can uploaded straight to Foundry without having to export, save, upload and index them on your FVTT server any more!

Prepare your tokens with The Token Vault
Your tokens available in Foundry VTT (through moulinette)


Initial setup

Before you can export your first token on Moulinette Cloud, you need to generate your API key.

  • Visit Moulinette Cloud | Manage your Tokens | Keys
  • Click on “Generate” button
  • Copy the generated key into your clipboard
  • Visit The Token Vault | My Vault | My Tokens | Any of your tokens
  • Click on “Export : Moulinette” button
  • Use the previously copied API key
  • Wait until the notification disappears


  • Tokens can be exported directly to your private storage in Moulinette Cloud
  • Tokens show up in FoundryVTT through Moulinette
  • Tokens can be used as actors, tiles or notes like any other image
  • Tokens can be managed in Moulinette Cloud
  • Tokens don’t take any space in your private storage. You’re only limited by the number of tokens depending on your Tier.

Discover it

See it in action :