Moulinette Cloud lets you secure files behind a Patreon paywall.

Quick overview

  • Manage your files on a S3 storage (DigitalOcean Spaces)
  • Secure them based on your Patreon tiers
  • Let Moulinette check user pledges before letting your patrons download the files


Initial setup

Before you can start adding new secure downloads on Moulinette, you need to configure Moulinette with setings on how to bind your S3 storage. Simply click on the button “Configure S3” and follow the instructions on the page.


Prepare your file

  1. Browse your S3 storage to find the desired file
  2. Copy the URL (mouse over the file)

Create a new secure download for the file

  1. Go on Moulinette Cloud (manage secure downloads)
  2. Paste the URL to the text field and click on “Add” button
  3. You can change the filename and test the integration
  4. Click “Apply” to save the changes

Set permissions

  1. Click on the small lock icon (Change permissions)
  2. Check tiers you’d like to give access to the selected file